How to use monitoring attributes


Every programmer spends a considerable amount of time debugging their software. In the world of PLC programming it’s common to login to the PLC and monitor and write your variables. However, with the introduction of properties for your function blocks monitoring is not as plain as it used to be. In this post I’ll explain how to use monitoring attributes for your properties in TwinCAT.

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A Code Jam challenge with Structured Text

Laptop with code on desk with Coffee

Every year I participate in a number of online code challenges like Facebook Hacker Cup, Google Code Jam and Advent of Code. Although I never make it really far I quite enjoy the puzzles which I usually make in C#. Definitely not the fastest language out there, but LINQ makes life easy đŸ™‚ . Since I spent every week a considerable amount of time PLC programming, I found myself wondering if I could solve A Code Jam challenge with Structured Text. Spoiler alert, yes you can, but it doesn’t come very easy.. So I decided to write a small post about it, pointing out the challenges I faced.

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